Dell Gaming Laptops

Dell Gaming Laptops

Dell Gaming Laptops: As online gaming is attaining excellent traction, with more individuals engaged in it and even making it their career, the curiosity around the best Dell Gaming Laptops has also increased.

As a gamer, you know that having a great laptop is key to an immersive experience. But with so many options on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. That’s why we’ve come up with the most common answers to the questions asked by the game lovers’, based on our own extensive testing.

We’ve looked at a variety of factors, including performance, features, design, and value, to come up with our top pick. If you’re looking for a gaming laptop that will give you the best possible experience, without breaking the bank

Having launched Alienware and Dell G series, two very well-known gaming laptop ranges, Dell is seen as a pro-gaming brand. In this article, we will conduct a Dell gaming laptop review covering both these ranges.

Dell Gaming Laptops Pros and Cons

Dell Gaming Laptops ProsDell Gaming Laptops Cons
1. Both the Dell G Series and Alienware have sleek yet stylish looks.1. The gaming series is not equipped with the best battery life. As long as the system is used for regular purposes, it can last for roughly 12 hours. However, when playing games, the battery life drops significantly to about 5 hours on one complete charge.
2. The Alienware keyboard, monitor, and mouse can be customized in terms of colors.2. The laptops in these ranges, especially Alienware, can be extremely heavy, making it quite troublesome to carry all the time.
3. Both gaming series are equipped with high-performance graphics cards, essential for gaming.3. Being gaming laptops, these series can quickly get overheated while being used for gaming. You may need to find other ways to cool it down to provide failure of any parts.
4. Both series are perfectly good performing for gaming, and for regular usage.4. Some important specifications of the laptop can be difficult or expensive to upgrade as with most gaming laptops.
5. Both have high-quality cameras and in-built speakers.
6. Both the gaming series are equipped with the latest Windows operating systems and Intel processors.
7. High capacity memory, upgradable as per the need of the user.
8. The display is beautiful with a high pixel range, and a big 15.6-inch screen, perfect for gaming.

Does Dell Gaming Laptop have a touch screen?

Among the numerous essential features required in gaming laptops like processor speed, cooling, avoidance of overheating, graphics, high speed, screen size, etc., a touch screen is not really a priority. In fact, no gaming laptop has so far been known to possess a touch screen, and the Dell gaming laptops are no exception.

Whether it is the Dell G series or the Alienware series launched by Dell, no laptops in both series have a touch screen.

Dell Gaming G-series Laptops

Dell Gaming Alienware Laptops

Since a touch screen is not a priority or even an area of focus, Dell lends that extra bit of attention to creating the ultimate gaming experience through its unmatched Dell gaming laptop specs curated for an enhanced, immersive gaming experience.

This could also be because touch screen laptops tend to be more fragile than regular non-touch laptops, which is not a very desirable quality for gaming laptops.

Gamers require laptops that are more sturdy and long-lasting, especially given the high Dell gaming laptop price in USA. Both the Dell G series and Alienware are pretty expensive investments, with the G series being slightly more affordable than Alienware. While the G Series starts at about INR 68,990, the Alienware series starts at INR 1,29,989.00.

How do I upgrade my Dell Gaming Laptop?

Upgrading your Dell gaming laptop depends upon various factors.

First of all, the ease of upgrading different hardware and software would depend upon the model chosen by an individual.

Secondly, if you get a custom laptop made, that may also weigh into the availability of upgrades. Ordinarily, software updates such as Windows operating system upgrades become automatically available.

Other upgrades, like the video card, etc., depend entirely on the version one chooses. Every version has a different way of upgrading these systems.

Some may require a simple switch, while others may need a software update, and yet some others can require a proper disassembly and replacement of the part from a dealer.

A lot of the software updates can also require hardware updates, but this information would usually be accompanied by the updates as they release.

Are Dell Gaming Laptops outdated?

Absolutely not. Dell launches laptop series with new devices added to every series periodically. Among some of the most advanced devices offered by Dell are its gaming laptops equipped with the latest Intel 11th and 12th generation processors in i5 and Dell gaming laptop i7 core configurations. The 12th generation was launched earlier in 2022 and is part of various Dell gaming laptops already.

Are Dell Gaming Laptops any good?

Dell Gaming Laptops are a flagship brand offering of the brand and, despite being expensive, are worth the price.

The gaming laptop ranges G and Alienware are jam-packed with brilliant features. Since the Dell Gaming Laptop release date for the G series in April 2018, the series has performed exceedingly well, with new features being rolled out in every new version.

In general, the G 15 range offers 11th and 12th gen intel processors, with Core i5 and i7, respectively. The Dell gaming laptop size for the G series is a 15.6” inch screen, which is a big plus for gamers as a big screen allows a better gaming experience.

Further, the brand offers an NVIDIA GeForce RTX Video Card, which can be customized as per the needs of the users. Available in multiple memory and hard drive configurations, with the speakers, placed just above the keyboard for a better listening experience; this system is perfect.

Moving on to the best gaming series laptop from Dell, Alienware, while a little more expensive, comes with a bundle of distinctive features. As far as the Alienware series is concerned, the Dell Gaming Laptop weight can range from 1.84 kgs and go up to 3.0 kgs depending upon the variant you choose.

The screen size for this range also varies and is evident from the subrange name. For example, the Alienware X15 has a 15.6 inch screen, whereas the M17 range has a 17.6 inch screen size. The larger screen sizes are obviously much more desirable for gaming.

The laptop is equipped with a 12th Gen Intel or AMD Ryzen Processor. The speakers for this laptop are also placed above the keyboard to provide better sound quality.

Both the systems have multiple Dell Gaming Laptop Ports, which is another excellent feature, especially for gamers, as it allows them to easily connect an external keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc.

A Dell Gaming Laptop Docking Station can also be bought and used, but with the multitude of ports already integrated, the need may not arise at all.

Further, the Dell Gaming Laptop charger for all the different models is different. The Alienware adapters are, in general, more powerful at about 240 W AC Adapter, whereas the G series is lighter with a 130W AC adapter with a Type C Connector and 180W AC Adapter.

Does Dell Gaming Laptop have a backlit keyboard?

Dell Gaming backlit keyboard

The Dell Gaming Laptop series are both equipped with backlit keyboards. The Dell G series has a traditional backlit keyboard along with numeric keys and a G key. Further, the G series comes with a unique Orange qwerty keyboard instead of the regular black keyboard with white digits. The keyboard has a stylish look with black keys with an orange print.

Alienware, on the other hand, is known for its signature FX RGB Keyboard which allows the user to change the color of the keyboard, chassis, and mouse as per their mood. The keyboards for all laptops in this series are black with the signature Alienware purple letters. However, this qwerty keyboard is not accompanied by a numeric keyboard.

How many cameras does Dell Gaming Laptop have?

The Dell Gaming Laptops have one camera placed at the top of the display screen as with all other laptops.

The G series laptops are equipped with an HD RGB camera with digital-array microphones in camera assembly, whereas the Alienware series consists of 720p at 30 fps, HD RGBIr camera with Dual-array microphones in the X14 range; the 720p at 30 fps HD camera (with 165Hz FHD panel), and 720p at 30 fps HD RGB-IR camera (with 240Hz QHD) in the m15 r17 range; Alienware HD (1280×720 resolution) camera with dual-array microphones and Windows Hello IR support in the x17 r2, m15 r5 RYZEN Edition, as well as the x15 r2 ranges.

Is Dell Gaming Laptop good for gaming?

Dell Gaming Laptops, series G, and Alienware are among the best gaming laptops on the market. Alienware has a distinctive fanbase; however, it is quite an expensive device that restricts people from purchasing it. The G series, on the other hand, is much more affordable and contains state-of-the-art features or specs desired by gamers around the world.

Does Dell Gaming Laptop have Bluetooth?

Yes, both Dell gaming laptop series have Bluetooth integrated into them. The Dell Gaming Laptop series G is equipped with Bluetooth, whereas the Alienware series is equipped with the latest versions of Bluetooth 5.2. Bluetooth 5.2, rolled out in 2020, is a faster, and more stable version, with extended transmission distance than the previous versions. Additionally, this version consumes less power which means that using Bluetooth will not drain out your laptop battery quickly.

Dell Gaming Laptops Unique Factors

The Dell gaming laptops have various unique features along with the latest processors and sleek and stylish designs, which make them so popular.

For example, the Alienware range, with its customizable FX keyboard, allows users to personalize which color they want their keyboard backlight to be.

Additionally, this system allows you to get an immersive experience by coordinating a color scheme on display, the keyboard, as well as the mouse.

The Alienware laptop range is also designed differently with an extended end, adding a little more stability to the screen, in addition to having multiple ports to connect external drives on it. This makes it easier to connect extra drives without them interrupting laptop usage. The G series is another fantastic range giving intense competition to other popular gaming laptops, including Lenovo Legion, Asus, Acer, and HP.

Dell Gaming Laptops Conclusion

While all gaming laptops are on the expensive side, only a few prove their worth, and Dell’s range is among those laptops.

Both the G series and the Alienware series contain multiple models with varying specs and features, allowing users to take their pick.

If you want a good laptop, the G series is the way to go. However, if the absolute best is your preference, then investing in Alienware is a better idea.

These high-performing laptops can be used for multiple purposes beyond gaming, making them the perfect device.

If you too are looking for an amazing gaming laptop, the Dell G series and Alienware have to be your top priority. If the Alienware range is more expensive than you would want to invest in, the G series will be your perfect match. Both the laptop ranges contain extremely good specs well-suited for gamers.

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