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Dell Optiplex
Dell Optiplex

The Dell OptiPlex is a series of desktops created to target the corporate, governmental, healthcare and educational markets.

The Optiplex Release date for the first of its range goes back to 1993. The CPU consisting desktop series has evolved with the changing times and continues to be an incredibly preferred range by these markets.

Here is a detailed Dell Optiplex Desktop Computer Review:

Dell OptiPlex ProsDell OptiPlex Cons
1. The Dell OptiPlex Micro range has a tiny, and super compact chassis which allows you to keep it anywhere.1. The CPU options of the series produce a very loud fan noise when the fans start working
2. The chassis is extremely sturdy and can bear the weight of a monitor easily if you have restricted space.2. The 2-in-1 range does not come with a mouse.
3. There are multiple options to mount the micro Chassis as well. 3. The number of ports is quite limited considering how many things need to be plugged in like keyboard, monitor, mouse, etc.
4. The configuration choice is expansive and highly flexible.4. The 2-in-1 range can be pricey considering the features that are provided in the system.
5. The series contains a 2-in-1 range with the CPU eliminated and all systems built into the monitor.5. No webcam even in the 2-in-1 series.
6. Comes with various processors in i5, and i7.
Pros and Cons
Dell OptiPlex
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Does Dell OptiPlex have a touch screen?

The Dell Optiplex series is a desktop range of personal computers, and as such, it does not have a touchscreen, which inherently is a feature of laptops.

The Dell Optiplex primarily consists only of a CPU to which a user can attach a monitor, a keyboard, mouse, and speakers.

The CPU is loaded with features that enable a corporate entity, a healthcare facility, a governmental agency, or an educational institution to conduct its daily functions smoothly.

However, the Dell Optiplex All in one range, which is a new offering from the brand, consists of the entire system, including a monitor and keyboard.

Even so, the monitor thus provided is not touch-enabled.

How do I upgrade my Dell OptiPlex?

While the Optiplex comes in various models with differing features, almost all the systems are equipped with the latest technology in terms of both hardware and software.

The Dell Optiplex Specs are such that upgrading may not be necessary anytime soon. However, as new technology emerges and updates arrive, a person or organization may require upgrading their systems for better performance.

Upgrading your Optiplex depends upon the model you pick. Since it’s a CPU, you may require hardware updates as well in order to upgrade certain aspects of the system.

The general software updates like Windows upgrades can be installed directly as and when they are available.

If a user requires a Memory upgrade, for example, they can disassemble the CPU themselves, change the memory chip, and upgrade quickly.

Alternatively, a person who is not confident in their ability to open up the CPU and change the part, whether it be the memory, Graphic Card, or any other system upgrade chip or hardware, can quickly get it changed at their local Dell authorized dealership or another local electronics seller.

The process is actually quite simple, and there are also various tutorials online which can be taken help.

If a user opts for the all-in-one range of the Optiplex series, this process becomes even more straightforward.

The all-in-one range consists of all the systems built into the monitor, which, if any software upgrades are required, are simple.

However, hardware updates would need an expert hand.

Is Dell OptiPlex outdated?

Like all other Dell devices, the Optiplex series is also very much up to date with the latest advancements.

The Optiplex, available in several variants, is equipped with Intel Core 12th generation, i5,i7, and i9 processors.

The Dell Optiplex i7 can easily be upgraded to i9 if the system is compatible with the processor. The range offers various systems.

Some of the offerings include micro CPUs, which are pretty compact and easy to place anywhere.

The Small CPU range consists of larger-sized CPUs like the kind that was common in the 90s.

Further, the Dell Optiplex All-in-one range consists of a monitor and keyboard in most variants, with everything built into the monitor.

The Dell Optiplex weight varies for each of these categories of products that fall within this range.

Is Dell OptiPlex any good?

The Dell Optiplex series is an excellent choice for organizations that require a number of systems to perform specific tasks for the organization.

A corporate office, a governmental entity, an educational institution, or a hospital, which were the initial target audience, require a defined type of tasks to be done by a large number of people daily.

These places also require the system to store a large amount of data, for which the Optiplex is perfect.

The Dell Optiplex Charger is not required whether you purchase the all-in-one version or the CPUs.

These systems are turned on and off and do not store any power, thus removing the need for a charger. Instead, these systems come with a power cord.

The Optiplex range is much more affordable, with the Dell Optiplex Price in USA starting at just US $679 for the CPUs and going up to the US $1800 for the all-in-one variants.

Further, the Dell Optiplex size varies with the model that is chosen even with the two main subcategories, the regular Optiplex, which consists only of CPUs, and the all-in-one, which consists of a monitor and keyboard of varying sizes.

Both the subcategories contain various models which the users can choose from.

Does Dell OptiPlex have a backlit keyboard?

The Dell Optiplex (normal range consisting of just CPUs) does not itself have any keyboard and is not sold with one.

However, individual users need to purchase all other parts, including the keyboard.

Since keyboards are available in a number of variations these days, it is possible to purchase an external keyboard with backlit lighting.

Users looking to purchase an external keyboard for their Dell Optiplex can choose from a wide range of selections on the market both over online and offline channels.

However, if a user purchases an all-in-one range that is on the slightly more expensive side, they get a keyboard with the system itself.

However, the keyboard thus provided does not have a backlight configuration.

How many cameras does Dell OptiPlex have?

The Dell OptiPlex series does not possess any cameras, whether it is the usual range or the all-in-one range.

However, there are a number of Dell Optiplex ports provided in the CPU/ monitor which can be used to attach an external Webcam, which can be purchased from the market quickly.

The majority of the webcams available in the market are equipped with a USB port which is one of the multiple types of ports available on this CPU/monitor.

In case a user finds a rare type of webcam which possesses another type of connection, they would need to first ensure that the webcam will be compatible with the system or not.

The Dell Optiplex ports are placed both on the front and the back of the CPU, and in the case of the all-in-one series, the back of the monitor, with 2 SS and 1 Power jack port in the front, and 4 SS ports at the back along with a power port, Video Port, and HDMI port.

If you build your own Dell, a user can even choose to get additional ports added. Alternatively, a user can also opt for a Dell Docking Station (however, with so many ports available, usually a user would not need one), attach it to one of the ports and get more room for attaching external devices.

Is Dell OptiPlex good for gaming?

While the primary purpose behind the creation of the Dell Optiplex series was not to serve as a gaming system, the Dell Optiplex specs certainly do allow this system to be a powerful one, good enough for gamers to get an immersive gaming experience.

Whether you purchase a CPU or an All-in-one system, the processors, hard drives, video card, memory, everything can be customized or upgraded as per your need, thereby making it suitable for gamers.

The bigger screen size afforded by the all-in-one adds to the benefits of this system for gamers.

Does Dell OptiPlex have Bluetooth?

The Dell Optiplex series does have a Bluetooth 5.2 card integrated into the system.

As with other features of this range, the Bluetooth and wireless connection cards are also advanced and continually upgraded, which is why the latest Optiplex devices available in the market are equipped with Internal Antenna and Wireless Card (Bluetooth 5.2 Wireless Card), a Wireless Driver, Intel Wi-Fi-6E 2×2 AX211 and Intel AX211 to keep things running smoothly.

Bluetooth 5.2, launched in 2020, is the fastest ever Bluetooth connection. It provides a broader coverage range, thereby making it possible to have more freedom to move around while having your devices connected via Bluetooth.

Additionally, this version of Bluetooth provides a much more stable connection when compared to its predecessors.

Dell OptiPlex Unique Factors

The Dell Optiplex range offers quite a bit of flexibility in terms of budget and requirement, which is a fantastic factor in favor of the target audience.

For example, an organization that only requires CPUs can opt for the Dell Optiplex CPUs, which are much cheaper, and attach them to cheaper monitors and keyboards or reuse any old ones they may have.

Alternatively, if a user is looking for a fully equipped system and does not pay the hefty Apply prices, the all-in-one Optiplex range covers them too.

The Optiplex range also caters to individual users, thus targeting a wider audience for this product range.

Final Words Dell OptiPlex

The Dell Optiplex is a good investment for individuals as well as organizations that want high-performing systems at not-so-high costs. The advantage of dell in customizing the systems is a cherry on top. With the latest technologies in place, this range affords a lot of flexibility and adaptability, which is quite desirable in organizations. With the trust of Dell’s performance and the continually renewed and advanced systems integrated into one system, the Dell OptiPlex is the envy of its competition.

The Dell OptiPlex range has certainly fashioned itself for the needs of the newer generation as well with the launch of the 2-in-1 range. This range is no longer restricted to the needs of organizations or the very few individuals who like an office at home with completely professional devices. Whether you wish to revamp your system with a high-performance CPU in a micro or small size, or you wish to purchase a relatively compact high performance complete desktop with all the functions built into the monitor, the Dell OptiPlex is a worthy range to be considered.

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